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Fine Jewelry Artist

Making Jewelry is so far one of my most rewarding endeavors in life. I take great pride and pleasure in creating each piece one a time - in my shop - in Canada. I pull from all the shapes/colors/textures which are all around us. My best work comes when I let my mind be free, open, and unencumbered. My eyes must be free to see, my hands be ready to work. and my mind stay patient and true to my art.

I will always try to accomodate for personal timelines - please contact me anytime if you need something for a special date or occasion.

*One-of-a-kind pieces are in hand - and need only sizing prior to shipping


These bands are custom designed and can be worn alone, or in combination with most rings.


Individually crafted rings that can be cast in solid sterling silver, gold or platinum.


Many unique and elegant necklace designs. Handcrafted and cast in solid Sterling Silver, Gold, and Platinum.


Custom Jewelry

Let's work one-on-one to create something unique.

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