I stand by my work… but problems/mishaps can happen. I am in contact with each and every individual during the purchase process… and warranty issues are handled on a case-by-case basis. I offer free cleaning and inspections of your piece, anytime. Paying attention to your jewelry is the best way to avoid losing a stone. I guarantee any stone setting below 2mm for 1 year, and will replace any lost stones during this time - as long as there is no visible damage caused by misuse of the item.

A centre stone is always set with the utmost care - as most are 3mm and above - and can be quite costly. I test them time and time again for tightness and strength of the setting. As with any jewelry item - you must take care of it. I am not liable for centre stones after they leave my procession. It is up to you to periodically inspect your piece for loose stones or faulty settings. If you ever think there is an issue - stop wearing the piece immediately, store in a safe and secure place, and contact me with you concerns or questions. I am not liable for a piece that has been modified or sized by someone other than myself. It is always recommended that you insure your jewelry piece accordingly.